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Collage by Lara del Rivero

Collage by Lara del Rivero

He could see the whole city from the roof terrace. The wind swept away the pollution and noise, and it was just the two of them up there: his cigarette smoke and him. He liked going up there to relax. He took a look at his hands, in pain, and saw a small drop of blood on his shirt. Right away he tried to hide it, as if somebody up there would see and ask questions. It was an occupational hazard.

He inhaled the smoke and remembered he didn’t like smoking. He had taken it up as an excuse to go upstairs. Alone, without a single voice within earshot, for a few minutes he could be what he wanted even though he was still the same person.

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Number 100, North Avenue.



Graphite by Lara Del Rivero

What he liked about the city was that it had stayed the same forever, despite the passing of time. From the construction of its vaulted streets, its citizens had been adding sculptures and reliefs to the facades to change it completely. After, during a burst of contention, they conserved it like a treasure. Everything around him changed, but Perla Blanca stayed the same. It was pleasant to walk down at any time.

Álvaro smiled as he walked down one of the covered streets. Above, much further over his head, it was raining. The cold hung around the open streets; it mixed with his favourite jacket and entered the courtyard of a block of buildings. Sigue leyendo

Mucho Gusto


Collage por  Lara del Rivero

Collage por Lara del Rivero

Desde la azotea podía ver toda la ciudad. El viento se llevaba la polución y el ruido, y allí arriba solo estaban ellos dos: el humo de su cigarro y él. Le gustaba subir para descansar. Se miró las manos, doloridas, y vio una pequeña gota de sangre en la camisa. Automáticamente intentó esconderla, como si alguien pudiera verlo y hacer preguntas. Eran los pequeños gajes de su oficio.

Aspiró el humo y recordó que no le gustaba fumar. Había empezado a hacerlo para buscar una excusa para irse a a azotea. Solo, sin ninguna voz, durante unos minutos podía ser lo que le gustase. Aunque siempre era la misma persona. Sigue leyendo

The Fable of the Book


Acrylic by  Elena del Rivero Fernández

Acrylic by Elena del Rivero Fernández

Cecilia held the only book she had found in her parents’ house. She thought of all the times she had asked why they couldn’t have more and remembered the sadness of her parents when they told her they couldn’t buy any for her. That day, for once and for all, she decided to put a plan into action which she had spent several days cooking up.

She hugged the book as if it were leaving her, and left it at the bottom of a small hole she had dug in the forest.

If paper comes from trees, by planting a book more like this will grow,” she told herself again and again. Sigue leyendo

Mucho Gusto (Trailer)


El Trailer del nuevo relato “Mucho Gusto” que podréis leer en el blog a partir del 23 de Junio de 2014…

Lara del Rivero
Elena del Rivero
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Lara del Rivero

“Dark eyes- sway (bonus track)” de Aló-Django